Since January 2016, we set out the principle of sponsorships.
There are a lot of children to sponsor and we are well aware that it is not possible to intervene everywhere ...
Nevertheless, it seems important to be able to offer this extra help.
The principle is relatively simple, the sponsor makes a monthly payment of the amount he wants to pay for the child, the amount we send per child is € 25, but it is quite possible to be more to sponsor a child. The key is to find the 25 € needed to help an orphan or a family in distress.
With the tax reduction on donations, sponsorship of a child, 25 € per month costs you € 8.50 per month.


Money transfers will perform quarterly with the bank western union.
The lump sum is received by Chintan. It receives each family individually. This is an opportunity to take stock of the path of the child, his education, his health and possibly discuss family problems.



It goes without saying that referrals are a bit difficult to set up because of the financial commitment involved.
Before embarking on a period of one year, we must have the certainty that the godparents will be reliable and that the payments will be made over a period of one year minimum.
The minimum shipment is 25 € per month.



You want to sponsor wholly or partially a child, contact us and we are pleased that Daniel and Sabine will meet you if you are in the scope of the NGO. If ou are in another region, we take the time to talk to you to tell you what to do.


For each referral, a portfolio will be provided, family situation, brother sister; a photo of the family you will also be given along with the identity of the child.



If you pay taxes in France:
66% of the annual total is défiscalisable of your income.
Thus, for a monthly payment of 25 € it actually costs you € 8.50 as you deduct from your taxes € 16.50.





At each cash back for sponsorship, the family receives the money and sign a receipt for the amount paidThis is an opportunity to take stock with the family.Responsible sponsorship Nepal verify the proper use of money given to families and education of the child.