The school is located in the district of Nuwakot and welcomes more than 100 children.
The majority of children in this school live in extremely difficult conditions.
We managed to distribute about 90/100 school outfit children.
After school supplies, we went to the distribution of clothing, there was something for everyone.

This is where referrals are all meaningless.
Many children were collected from the villagers themselves have difficulties in everyday life. sheet makeshift huts have sprung up around the school.


Difficult to transcribe the full moments of joy with families and children,
We returned to Kathmandu with a mixture of joy and sadness. Joy for this time spent among these people who welcomed us with nothing, and sadness in having seen what made the lives of these families.

This little orphan who lost an eye to not being able to see a doctor,
this father who brought us her sick son, thinking that we had a miracle cure for his paralysis. He too was buried in the rubble after the first quake.
We will return this summer in this village to support the school:

- Organize a free camp help.
- Study the project to create a home for these children living on this wasteland. We dare not hope for a "small orphanage", however the idea is there ...

Shree Panchakanya Primary School